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Learning through play
Early education
Learning through play is a great way to spend time with your baby. Each Bunny contains pre-loaded songs, lullabies and fairy tales that will surely make it a perfect playtime companion and will help to develop the child's imagination. Educational content can be updated with a small USB cable and a computer. Parents and children can also record their own stories, songs, lullabies on Alilo, which guarantees a great fun!
Support for Parents
Fun and falling asleep
Playing with a Baby requires a lot of imagination. Fortunately, with Alilo you cannot get bored! A frequent challenge for the Parent may also be to lull their Baby to sleep. Glowing Bunny's ears will give a relief while falling asleep, whereas lullabies and fairy tales will allow your Baby to move to the land of imagination. A Baby will find it a lot easier to fall asleep while listening to a pre-loaded white noise, which resembles the sooothing sound of the womb. What's more, you can record your voice, a story, or a song on Alilo, so that your child will be able to listen to you, even when you're out of the room for a while.
Help for Teachers
Kindergarten and school
Colorful and glowing Alilo is a real attraction that will encourage Babies to play actively and learn! Bunnies can be used as teaching aids in learning foreign languages and during other classes which are performed with the use of CD players or computers. Bunny is handy and will fit into every purse. Pure and loud sound will allow you to play with a bigger group of children, the remote control will make it easier to operate the player from distance, and the built-in battery will work for many hours.